1. "Snowcone"

  2. "Coffee"

  3. "Darkness"

  4. "Timeless"


  5. It’s Time for a Project

    One of my favorite phrases in photography is quality over quantity. What I have noticed in my photography days is a lot of photographers have some great images but not a great body of work. This includes me as well. I don’t want to sound cocky but I do think I have some rather strong images but I can’t put the images together and make a project.

    The reason why some photographers have great images but not great projects is because of photo dumping sites. Now I have already went on a rant about it but it’s true. For beginning photographers, I suggest dumping photos because it might be the only way to get noticed. For experienced photographers, go for a great body of work. Start a project and go with it. Don’t expect to be done in one day, put some thought and effort into it. 

    For instance, when I am not doing street photography, I like to photograph products in a studio. I had some strong images but it wasn’t consistent. It doesn’t show potential clients that I can really “work” the product. To show I can “work” a product a did a faux ad campaign for watches. I had some images with just the product and some images with people using the product. At the end, I had a strong ad campaign with a total of seven images. 

    I think if street photographers work on projects it will mean more to you and the viewer. It’s more than just “look at these two or three images I got today.” Projects can send a message and invoke thoughts in viewers or even shade light on a subject that they weren’t aware of before. And you yourself start seeing things you haven’t noticed before. 

    Stop dumping photos and start a project. Look at other examples of projects and modify it. Or do the exact some project to help get those wheels in your brain turning. This world has enough single photographs, what it needs is finished quality projects. 


  6. The Photographers Toilet

    Are sites like Flickr, 500px, and Tumblr affecting your photography? Most likely and I will tell you why. These sites are the toilets of photography. They are used to dump photos at large quantities and, in hopes, receive a “like,” a “thumbs up,” and so on. How is this affecting your photography? We think that receiving a ton of likes is a way of saying we are a great photographer, or just a photographer in general. We get a certain high when we see people “like” our photos.

    This thought stirred in my head not to long ago. I uploaded a photo to 500px not to long ago and within thirty seconds it had a like, favorite, and a comment by the same person. The comment went something like this: “Nice capture! Like and favored! Come look at my photo <link>.”

    Curious, I went to look at the photo and it was pleasing, don’t get me wrong, but it was also in the popular section for the photographers category. Which made me wonder if the photographer really liked my image or was it more of a “I scratched your back now you scratch mine.”

    I ended up looking at the photographer’s entire work on 500px and it wasn’t all that great in my opinion. Except for that one photograph. I realized that this photographer was milking this one image to stay “popular.” 

    Over the next two days a similar incident happened on each day. Same type of photo work as well. All of it was meh exempt for that one. 

    Now I am not saying every photograph you take has to be amazing. Trust me, if I could take an amazing photograph every time I press the shutter, I would. What concerns me is not going out and trying to photograph something even better. Instead they sit at their computer and milk this one image. 

    What I am trying to say is go out and photograph. If you have one amazing photograph congratulations, go get another one and after you get that one, get another one. Don’t sit at your computer and try to get as many likes as possible for that one image because you could be missing an opportunity to miss an epic photography moment. 

  7. "The Painter"

  8. "Fashionable Smoke Break"

  9. "Secrets"

  10. "Static"